LadyKittania – Board Game Rundown

Greetings Gam3rs! LadyKittania once more with another board game rundown.

Today I’d like to take a step back in time and discuss some classic games.

First, that game most of us love to hate, Monopoly. I know, I know, why talk about the game that turns most people against tabletop gaming. Well I would like to take this opportunity to help some of you actually enjoy this classic game. So here’s some advice to make the experience better. There are three critical things that ruin this game for most of us. Game length, players, and luck. So how can we fix this? Simple. Put a limit of some kind on how long you are going to play. There are many ways to do this, so pick one that works best for everyone playing.
As for players, I believe there are two types of Monopoly players. Black/White players, and Grey players. (And no I’m not talking about skin color.) Black/White players insist that there are only two ways to play. Cutthroat and generous. Cutthroat means that this player will do everything in their power to insure they win. There is an official rule in this game that if you land on another players property and they do not ask for rent before the next player rolls, that rent is not owed. Cutthroat players abuse this rule heavily. In Generous play, everybody gets all rent all the time, regardless of attention paid to the game.
My advice, avoid players like this. They take all the fun out of the game. And if you are a player like this, I politely ask that you knock it off.
Grey players, like myself, follow the rent rule but are nice about it. Say I’m playing with my friends Bob and Abbey. I just landed on Bob’s property, but Bob isn’t paying attention. I will announce that I have just finished my turn and Abbey is about to roll. If Bob still isn’t paying attention, I will announce it one more time before letting Abbey roll. (Unless Bob isn’t paying attention because he’s checking his facebook status. That’s just rude. So I’ll only make my announcement once.) Now if a player isn’t paying attention because they’ve gone to the bathroom or are getting food and drink for everyone, I’ll make sure they get their rent. Unless we’ve paused the game to wait for them.
Now for the last factor, Luck. Luck can’t be changed or messed with. Sometimes we just have really bad luck. Don’t let it get you down. When I have bad luck, I just ride it through and pick a secret win condition. Then if I succeed at that secret mission, I still feel like I won.
Hopefully this advice will help some of you to enjoy this classic game once more.

To finish things off, I’d like to talk about another old classic game. Axis and Allies. I got the chance to actually play this the other day. Similar to Risk, this game takes us back to World War 2. Germany, Russia, and Japan v.s. Britain, and America. This game is best played with 5 players, one to represent each nation. Starting with Germany, the Axis go first. Each player begins to try and conquer the world for their team. I found this game quite enjoyable and definitely recommend it. Especially for history buffs.

And that’s it for today’s Rundown. I’m always on the lookout for new games to play, so feel free to comment with any recommendations. Whether it’s a game you love and would like my opinion on it, or one you’ve heard of and would like an opinion before buying. I welcome them all. So until next time, stay awesome and play lots of games!

LadyKittania – Board Game Rundown

It’s always sad to me when life just gets in the way of the things we love. Right? But…

Ladtkittania is (Finally!) back with another board game rundown! I conducted a lot of interviews at Gam3rCon and have unfortunately lost all my notes, so here goes from memory!

The Indies were out in force, and here’s what I remember from hanging out with them. (I apologize if I get names wrong!)

Covalent Crisis – This dice game was a ton of fun and I’m so glad I got to play it a couple of times. For people who like strict time limits on their games, pick this one up. You are a scientist that has crashed landed and have only twenty minutes to gather materials to fix your ship and leave before you run out of air! And getting those materials isn’t easy. You have to roll the dice for the components, and earn more dice for more complex formulas. It’s science in a game!

Stupid Users: BETA – From the creators of the comic Stupid Users, comes BETA. A fun card game where you all play as office workers trying to stop the Diabolical Hacker from using his evil hacker powers to turn everyone into zombies! can become a zombie too so watch out! And even when you’re a zombie, you’re still trying to stop DerMagiker from winning. Because you want to win yourself! This game was so much fun, I kept coming back for more!

Rabbit Match – Coming from a background of running a rabbit rescue and adoption center, this game emulates exactly the kind of problems you’ll find in real life! It was a lot of fun, and the bunnies are so cute! Plus it spawned a second game….

Rolling for Bunnies – in this fun little dice game, you roll dice to try and socialize bunnies so they can be adopted. Collect one of each breed and you win! Both of these games were a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed them!

We had a surprise addition to our game library, who walked in and passed out free copies of their game…Door Dice! Having trouble deciding on what to get for dinner? Play Door Dice to determine your entrees, sides, and even desert! What a great idea for a fun practical game!

That’s it for this Rundown. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I’ll see you again in the next one! Play lots of games!

LadyKittania – Board Game Rundown

Hey Gam3rs and Gam3ttes! LadyKittania once again with a Super Special Board Game Rundown!

So toss down your equipment and class cards and lets fight the blog monster!

For today’s blog I worked super hard for you all and interviewed some great folks at this years Gam3rCon!

Travis, an official M.I.B. from Steve Jackson Games, gave me a complete rundown of everything Munchkin! It’s the 15th anniversary of Munchkin and they are producing special guest artist editions of the Munchkin sets! (I so want a copy of Booty, but it’s still in the works.) We also had a chat about a few lesser known games from Steve Jackson.

The Stars are Right. An H.P. Lovecraft style game where you manipulate the heavens to summon creatures like the Great Old Ones. Including Cuthulahoo! This would be a great game for any Halloween party, or any party with a spook theme really.

Car Wars. Reprinted from the old Car Wars Arena, you use weapons and armor to try and knock the drivers out of the race! Be the first to collect 60 victory points and you win!

Ninja Burger. You are a ninja who works for the Ninja Burger Franchise. Collect honor by completing missions and compete to become the branch manager! But be careful! If you run out of honor, your Ninja burger fails and is shut down. I actually got to play this one and had a ton of fun. (Funny ninja voices greatly encouraged while playing this game!)

Travis even gave me the scoop on some games that are still in production and coming soon! Simon’s Cat, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Board Game, and I HATE Zombies! I’m so looking forward to checking these out!

That’s all for today’s Super Special Blog. Next time I have interviews with a bunch of really cool Indie developers and a game store that came down from L.A.!

So go play more board games! LadyKittania out!

LadyKittania – Board Game Run Down

LadyKittania, back again with another Board Game Rundown. So draw your starting hand and let’s b-b-b-b-blog!

Gam3rCon! The event I look forward to all year, starts today with our soft open. And I plan to be there every day, hanging out with all you lovely people and of course playing lots of games. Here are a few I’m looking forward to.

Tanto Coure. Where you use love to hire maids, to put in your private quarters for victory! (I love that description, and it’s very accurate.)

Red Dragon Inn. Collect gold by betting, while trying to drink your opponents under the table. (No actually drinking need be involved.)

Stomple. Stomp marbles through the board as you try to trap your opponents. If you can’t move on the start of your turn, you lose! Be the last player left on the board and you win!

Kill the Overlord. I’ve only gotten to play this once so far, but loved it. You pass around the execution order, and try to kill the overlord so you can become the new one.

Resistance. The game of spies and backstabbing. I love being one of the spies, and tricking everyone. It’s great fun!

Spot it. A simpler game, great for kids. Just match up symbols on the cards to either collect them all, or get rid of them.

Force of Will. A tcg, (trading card game) that has beautiful art and a much easier play style then others I’ve seen. (Sorry Magic!)

Exodus. Another tcg that I adore, but as one of a tiny handful of SD players I don’t get to play it much. But I will be happy to teach anyone who wants to check it out!

Kill Doctor Lucky. If I remember correctly, it’s a little like clue, but backwards. Instead of trying to figure out who done it, you are trying to kill Doctor Lucky without witnesses.

Indies! I can’t wait to see what indie games come out to play with us this year, and look forward to trying them all!

Well that’s it for today, until next time Gam3rs! See you at Con, and play lots of games!

LadyKittania – Board Game Run Down

LadyKittania here, with some blabbing about some of my favorite tabletop/board games. I know for most people when they hear ‘board games’ a few immediately come to mind. Monopoly, Risk, maybe Chutes and Ladders or Sorry. But there is so much more to the tabletop/ board game world. So let’s grab our dice and Mountain Dew and dive right in.

First for a less well known classic, and my personal favorite, Cosmic Encounters. Like Monopoly, this is a game you have to dedicate some serious time to, so expect to be at the table for a good bit. The premise of the game is that every player is an alien race trying to establish itself as the new ruling race of the galaxies. You send out your ships to fight other races and try to establish bases on their homeworlds.
But the simplicity ends there. Each race has an ability that breaks or bends the rules. (Kind of like cheat codes.) I do want to point out that you will not always enjoy playing. There are times when even I have gotten annoyed to the point of wanting to flip the table. It just depends on the mix of aliens everyone gets, which is completely random. Still I love this game and recommend it for those enthusiasts who like a nice long game.

Next on my list is Smallworld. A game that reminds me a bit of Risk, but with Orcs, as one of my friends once described it. Players purchase races with in game currency and use those troops to conquer territory on the game board. With only a limited number of troops for each race, you will find yourself mixing quite a few. Getting those few to work together well is a challenge I love, and often with disasterous or hilarious results. (Depending on my mood when I play.)
Now like Risk, expect to be fiddling with small troop pieces a lot, as you collect/place/remove them from the box/board. If this is something that annoys you, then this is not the game for you. Fortunately there are many, many more games to choose from.
Though not as complex as my first favorite, this is still a game I look forward to playing often. Fear the wrath of my mighty Orcs!

Third I want to talk a bit about a lesser known title from the mighty Steve Jackson Games. I’m sure most of you have heard of and/or played Munchkin, possibly even Zombie/Cuthulu dice. But they have a few other games that aren’t as popular, like ‘Give Me the Brain’. In this funny little game you are zombies working in a fast food establishment attempting to complete your tasks so you can go home, but you have only the one brain between you. And brains are slippery, which makes them hard to hold on to.
Don’t expect a lot of seriousness in this game, the cards themselves are too funny to play this without cracking at least a smile. I always end up with a sore face after playing this.
If you are a fan of Munchkin, I highly recommend trying this game out as well. And if you aren’t, I still think you should give it a try. It’s a game for everyone, and even kids should get a kick out of it.

Finally I want to dive into the world of Indie games with ‘Villains and Henchmen’.
I’ve heard many good things about this game, and seen quite a few people have a lot fun with it. So it was high time I played it for myself. I’ve always had a great love for the Villains, the Chaos Bringers, and the Refusers to stay within the norm. So playing a game in which you are a henchman vying for the title of Villain really struck my fancy.
Currently in kickstarter, this new game from Ravensdale Publishing was a delight to play and fairly easy to learn quickly. No two games are ever the same, and I found lots to love about it. From the powers you can buy, the chance you might not be able to complete the objective, to even the Heros you love to hate, this was a fun strategy game that I fully plan to come back to and play some more. Especially since I didn’t actually get to finish that first game. (In which we did not lose, we simply ran out of time to play.)
So if you’re looking for something new to buy and introduce to your gaming friends, check out this one.

Plans for the future. We all make them, and try to keep to them. I’m no different. It is my hope that I will be able to chat about four to five games with each blog, and hopefully have a few in-depth ones where I focus more heavily on one or two. And I plan to check out more indie’s to chat about, because it’s so much fun to check out something so new it doesn’t even have a box yet.
(Which does eliminate that collectors part of me that loves having a box sit there and simply look pretty.)

So whether you, dear reader, are a permanent resident of the tabletop realm or merely an occasional visitor, I hope my bit of blathering has given you ideas for your next gaming session.

Until next time,
LadyKittania out with this heartfelt message.

Be well and give more time to games.