LadyKittania – Board Game Run Down

LadyKittania, back again with another Board Game Rundown. So draw your starting hand and let’s b-b-b-b-blog!

Gam3rCon! The event I look forward to all year, starts today with our soft open. And I plan to be there every day, hanging out with all you lovely people and of course playing lots of games. Here are a few I’m looking forward to.

Tanto Coure. Where you use love to hire maids, to put in your private quarters for victory! (I love that description, and it’s very accurate.)

Red Dragon Inn. Collect gold by betting, while trying to drink your opponents under the table. (No actually drinking need be involved.)

Stomple. Stomp marbles through the board as you try to trap your opponents. If you can’t move on the start of your turn, you lose! Be the last player left on the board and you win!

Kill the Overlord. I’ve only gotten to play this once so far, but loved it. You pass around the execution order, and try to kill the overlord so you can become the new one.

Resistance. The game of spies and backstabbing. I love being one of the spies, and tricking everyone. It’s great fun!

Spot it. A simpler game, great for kids. Just match up symbols on the cards to either collect them all, or get rid of them.

Force of Will. A tcg, (trading card game) that has beautiful art and a much easier play style then others I’ve seen. (Sorry Magic!)

Exodus. Another tcg that I adore, but as one of a tiny handful of SD players I don’t get to play it much. But I will be happy to teach anyone who wants to check it out!

Kill Doctor Lucky. If I remember correctly, it’s a little like clue, but backwards. Instead of trying to figure out who done it, you are trying to kill Doctor Lucky without witnesses.

Indies! I can’t wait to see what indie games come out to play with us this year, and look forward to trying them all!

Well that’s it for today, until next time Gam3rs! See you at Con, and play lots of games!

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