LadyKittania – Board Game Rundown

Hey Gam3rs and Gam3ttes! LadyKittania once again with a Super Special Board Game Rundown!

So toss down your equipment and class cards and lets fight the blog monster!

For today’s blog I worked super hard for you all and interviewed some great folks at this years Gam3rCon!

Travis, an official M.I.B. from Steve Jackson Games, gave me a complete rundown of everything Munchkin! It’s the 15th anniversary of Munchkin and they are producing special guest artist editions of the Munchkin sets! (I so want a copy of Booty, but it’s still in the works.) We also had a chat about a few lesser known games from Steve Jackson.

The Stars are Right. An H.P. Lovecraft style game where you manipulate the heavens to summon creatures like the Great Old Ones. Including Cuthulahoo! This would be a great game for any Halloween party, or any party with a spook theme really.

Car Wars. Reprinted from the old Car Wars Arena, you use weapons and armor to try and knock the drivers out of the race! Be the first to collect 60 victory points and you win!

Ninja Burger. You are a ninja who works for the Ninja Burger Franchise. Collect honor by completing missions and compete to become the branch manager! But be careful! If you run out of honor, your Ninja burger fails and is shut down. I actually got to play this one and had a ton of fun. (Funny ninja voices greatly encouraged while playing this game!)

Travis even gave me the scoop on some games that are still in production and coming soon! Simon’s Cat, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Board Game, and I HATE Zombies! I’m so looking forward to checking these out!

That’s all for today’s Super Special Blog. Next time I have interviews with a bunch of really cool Indie developers and a game store that came down from L.A.!

So go play more board games! LadyKittania out!