LadyKittania – Board Game Rundown

Greetings Gam3rs! LadyKittania once more with another board game rundown.

Today I’d like to take a step back in time and discuss some classic games.

First, that game most of us love to hate, Monopoly. I know, I know, why talk about the game that turns most people against tabletop gaming. Well I would like to take this opportunity to help some of you actually enjoy this classic game. So here’s some advice to make the experience better. There are three critical things that ruin this game for most of us. Game length, players, and luck. So how can we fix this? Simple. Put a limit of some kind on how long you are going to play. There are many ways to do this, so pick one that works best for everyone playing.
As for players, I believe there are two types of Monopoly players. Black/White players, and Grey players. (And no I’m not talking about skin color.) Black/White players insist that there are only two ways to play. Cutthroat and generous. Cutthroat means that this player will do everything in their power to insure they win. There is an official rule in this game that if you land on another players property and they do not ask for rent before the next player rolls, that rent is not owed. Cutthroat players abuse this rule heavily. In Generous play, everybody gets all rent all the time, regardless of attention paid to the game.
My advice, avoid players like this. They take all the fun out of the game. And if you are a player like this, I politely ask that you knock it off.
Grey players, like myself, follow the rent rule but are nice about it. Say I’m playing with my friends Bob and Abbey. I just landed on Bob’s property, but Bob isn’t paying attention. I will announce that I have just finished my turn and Abbey is about to roll. If Bob still isn’t paying attention, I will announce it one more time before letting Abbey roll. (Unless Bob isn’t paying attention because he’s checking his facebook status. That’s just rude. So I’ll only make my announcement once.) Now if a player isn’t paying attention because they’ve gone to the bathroom or are getting food and drink for everyone, I’ll make sure they get their rent. Unless we’ve paused the game to wait for them.
Now for the last factor, Luck. Luck can’t be changed or messed with. Sometimes we just have really bad luck. Don’t let it get you down. When I have bad luck, I just ride it through and pick a secret win condition. Then if I succeed at that secret mission, I still feel like I won.
Hopefully this advice will help some of you to enjoy this classic game once more.

To finish things off, I’d like to talk about another old classic game. Axis and Allies. I got the chance to actually play this the other day. Similar to Risk, this game takes us back to World War 2. Germany, Russia, and Japan v.s. Britain, and America. This game is best played with 5 players, one to represent each nation. Starting with Germany, the Axis go first. Each player begins to try and conquer the world for their team. I found this game quite enjoyable and definitely recommend it. Especially for history buffs.

And that’s it for today’s Rundown. I’m always on the lookout for new games to play, so feel free to comment with any recommendations. Whether it’s a game you love and would like my opinion on it, or one you’ve heard of and would like an opinion before buying. I welcome them all. So until next time, stay awesome and play lots of games!