This past weekend came as fast as it went but this wasn’t just any ordinary weekend! Comic-Con Revolution took place this past weekend and if you haven’t heard of it then it is definitely something to look into! Hit the jump for more on what to expect from the Comic-Con Revolution experience!

Comic-Con Revolution is a buzzing and yet, intimate convention experience. The convention takes place at the Ontario Convention Center in Southern California and while the space is only one story, this little con has a lot to offer!

One aspect that is great is the diversity of guests the con had to offer: Kevin Conroy, voice actor of Batman on Batman: The Animated Series, Andrea Romano, writer for Batman: The Animated Series, Lance Henriksen who portrayed Bishop in Aliens, and Ming Chen of the Comic Book Men podcast, just to name a few! What’s more is these guests were all fairly accessible. Lines were about 2-3 hours long to meet bigger names though I would’ve gladly waited longer to meet the Dark Knight, himself. It’s quite possible I heard Kevin Conroy’s voice more than my own mother’s when I was growing up.

With Andrea Romano, writer for Batman: The Animated Series

Something else Comic-Con Revolution had no shortage of was incredible artists! There were artists from many different types of mediums. Two of the artists that had booths at the convention were Todd Nauck of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series and Tad Stones, producer/creator/artist for Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, and other beloved Saturday morning cartoons!

With Tad Stones, producer of Darkwing Duck and Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

With the famous Cosplay Parents

A wild Dalek appears!

Incredible Howl’s Moving Castle cosplays!

And, of course, between all the talent and artists, there were also various vendors and clubs! Overall, it was a diverse and surprisingly easy to navigate con. I would highly recommend this to a first-time con attendee as this con is not overly crowded but is still packed with a ton of great talent and guests. Seasoned veterans might even view this as a “vacation con” considering it has many points of interest but without the overly crowded and panicked ambiance of most other cons. It truly had something for everyone.