In Case You Missed It: Anime Conji 2018


If you’re a fan of anime and live in the San Diego area, then Anime Conji is definitely worth checking out! Hit the jump below to see all that Anime Conji has to offer!

This year, Anime Conji took place from June 1st-3rd at the Sheraton in Mission Valley. Multiple floors were filled with all kinds of activities from video games to anime viewing! While anime is an obvious integral part of an anime convention, Anime Conji made sure to fill its programming with an eclectic selection of activities to satiate any con goer!

In the “dealer’s room” of the convention, there was a lot of merchandise beckoning to be purchased. Vendors boasted items such as manga, custom fashion accessories and home goods, and more! The dealer’s room was also where attendees could purchase autographs from esteemed voice actors such as Les E. Claypool from Fist of the North Star and Ghost in the Shell and Paul St. Peter from Naruto and Kingdom Hearts.

Another aspect of the con worth mentioning was all the live talent, available. Out by the pool area of the Sheraton Hotel was live music from both musicians and DJ’s. Different genres were available, as well! Hard rock, electronica, and even jazz was amongst the music line up. In terms of jazz, we were revisited by our very talented friends at the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes: a trio of musicians who perform jazz renditions of iconic 8-bit retro game music such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, and more! For those who attended GamerCon 2017, you may remember the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes from one of the rooftop concerts. We are happy to announce that they will be returning this year, as well!

Of course, no anime convention is complete without cosplay and Anime Conji 2018 did bring out some interesting ones! Firstly, the convention hosted many cosplay guests and activities. Of course, there was a masquerade with music and dancing. There were also some notable cosplay guests. A couple cosplay guests in attendance were plus-sized cosplayer, Koko and Rooster Teeth’s official Yang cosplayer (from the animated series, RWBY), SpacePizza. This is, of course, not including the tons of fantastic attendee cosplays!

As someone who does not know a lot about anime, I didn’t find myself feeling outcasted or lost, at all. There were activities that grabbed my interest in an environment that felt busy but not suffocating. See some of the photos from Anime Conji 2018 below!

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Star Lord Cosplay
Sakura Cosplay
View of the Dealer’s Room/Marketplace
Koko Cosplay
SpacePizza Cosplay
Minimalist Mystique dress from We Love Fine clothing and cat ears
Unknown but amazing cosplay


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