Game Title: Apex Legends

Price: FREE(micro-transactions available in game)
System Available: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Series: Titanfall

Date Released: February 4th, 2019
Game-play: 8/10
Graphics/Art: 9.5/10
Story: N/A (so far)
Total score: 8.75/10

We Can Be…Legends

Normally, I really don’t play battle royal formatted games.  I don’t find myself a fan of Fortnite (RAGE OF READERS ACTIVATE!) But, upon some recommendations of friends and colleagues I decided to take a look at Apex Legends.  From the start there were people who were willing to explain and help me so that I could perform better all around and in my first match-up our squad took second place.

This game was kept fairly close to the vest developers Respawn Entertainment and EA, Apex Legends offers a new twist on the battle royal format.  It’s squad-based play offers some familiarity for those that play the battle royal style games but really this game focuses on teamwork. This is accomplished by the champion select.  There are eight champions, in game known as “legends,” that play different roles. They have different abilities that offer interesting and unique advantages to give your team an edge so that they survive the longest and can take victory. If a member(s) of your squad falls in battle you can pick up their banners and take them to a respawn point to have a full team yet once again. We know that more legends will be released, but I would (personally mind you) have much rather seen more legends to pick so that I won’t get board after fifty rounds.

The combat system is clean with the range of weapons that are strewn across the battlefield.  The finishers put a nice twist on gameplay as it eliminates your enemy with a matter of style and flare that I find to have more relevance than a tea-bag or a showy dance move. The controls of the game are fairly intuitive and the inventory setup, really nothing to write home about as most games are using the same format.  But it is quite nice that if you come across an upgrade, your character automatically equips it saving precious time rather than having to go into the in-game inventory, changing out gear, and then dropping it for your squad-mates or hoarding it from your enemies.

Next is the environment of the game itself.  The battlefield is so unique and diverse with terrain. It ranges from arid deserts (complete with dinosaur skeleton), to lush forested areas, to post-apocalyptic cityscapes.  The detail that they implemented into the island is crisp and clean making you want to just take the time and explore rather than eliminate your enemy squads.

A downside to this game is how expensive the in-game items are.  Now it is not required that you purchase the in-game currency as everything is strictly cosmetic and offers no real advantage in one’s gaming experience.  But the amount of time that is needed to grind out enough tokens to buy/craft each item, could take a while. Is this a lesson learned by EA with their debacle caused by Star Wars: Battlefront II? Or is it just seen as another potential money grab? To these questions, only time can really tell.

Overall my first foray into Apex Legends was a positive one. I think that it may make its way into the rotation of games that I play with my friends, or at least the ones that recommended it to me.

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